Sparklers are the all-time favourite firecracker. Sparklers are known to add spark and colour to any occasion. At Ayyan Fireworks, we offer a premium range of sparklers which include electric sparklers, glittering sparklers and colourful sparklers



Fountain firecrackers, also known as flower pots burst high by emiting louder sparks. They produce a magical firework show of colour, crackle, whistle, glitter and sparks. Fountains make a great firework display.


Novelty fireworks

Our novelty fireworks include a wide range of twinkling stars. They look like long wires. They light up as soon as they come in contact with the flame. We offer single coloured twinkling stars. Twinkling stars are novelty fireworks and are a favourite of most children. We offer them in various sizes such as 45cm, 60cm and 120cm.



Atom bombs are known to give out an eruption of sparks and a vibrant sound. We manufacture the bombs using appropriate safety measures. The smoke and fumes emitted by atom bombs is negligible. We focus on the quality of crackers and thus our bombs produce a rhythmic sound and not noise.



Maroons are fireworks that explode with a huge flash sound. They are often used at the start or end of a firework display. It produces an extremely loud sound with an addition of shower of sparks.



We offer an elegantly crafted range of fancy novelties that produce a multi-sound with flash when lit. It gives out multiple effects. It gives out single colours and combination of colour.


Celebration crackers

Celebration crackers are a string of firecrackers with 100 to 10000 shells. When lit, the shells burst, ignite and spread the stars. The shells contain stars and a bursting charge with a fuse.


Chinese crackers are a collection of multiple-sound crackers. They are a braid of fireworks that contain 28, 48, 32, 50, 56 or100 crackers. They explode with a string of clap sounds.


Our rockets jets into the sky, blasts with wonderful shiny sparks and stars. We at Ayyan offer rockets with colour emitting, sound emitting and whistling effects.


Shells are available in various diameters of 1¼ shells, 1 ¾ shells and 2 shells. The crackers shoot out bright into the sky and burst out into a spray of bright sparkles like yellow, green, red and various other colours.


We at Ayyan offer the cake items in a large variety of effects and sizes. From 12 shots to 1000 shots, we have all sizes. They explode in the air like a sequence of firework effects.


Our ground chakkars are available in medium, big, special, and deluxe and many other varieties. The wheel chakkar whirls around the ground and gives out various colours and sparks.


For those looking for an assorted pack of fireworks, Ayyan offers a variety of gift boxes with different types of firecrackers. We have a special junior pack which contains only kid-friendly crackers such as sparklers, chakkars and flower pots.


We at Ayyan supply wide range of amorces.


Ayyan's colour matches is very popular. We offer a wide variety of colour matches.