10 manufacturing units and 3 supporting units that are located in and around Sivakasi

yyan Fireworks’s origins trace back to 1923. Under the vision and able guidance of Late Sri. Ayyan Nadar the first matches factory was setup in Sivakasi. Subsequently in 1935, he set up the first fireworks factory in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. Sivakasi is now the hub of fireworks and safety matches in India contributing 95% of the Rs.6000 crore fireworks industry.


Ayyan fireworks has a strong footprint in the economic welfare of Sivakasi. With 10 manufacturing units and 3 supporting units that are located in and around Sivakasi, Ayyan provides employment to 2000 workers on a permanent basis.

Equipped with spacious warehousing facilities to store the bulk range of products, Ayyan is equipped to fulfill large requirements with quick response. Firework manufacturing process is a combination of pyrotechnics, physics, chemistry is hand crafted. Recognising this Ayyan has invested in each stage of the process to deliver consistent and reliable fireworks year on year.


Quality begins with selecting the right raw materials and checking that they meet the quality criteria before they are used in the crackers.

All batches of fireworks are tested outside the factory site and products are benchmarked on 3 parameters: Performance, Durability, Safety.

Innovation is an Ayyan forte. Pioneers in establishing an R&D lab in the 80s, Ayyan has produced unique products which competition has not been able to emulate. And the innovation is focussed on providing a unique celebration to the end customer’s precious moments.