10 manufacturing units and 3 supporting units that are located in and around Sivakasi,

yyan Fireworks’s origins trace back to 1923. Under the vision and able guidance of Late Sri. Ayyan Nadar the first matches factory was setup in Sivakasi. Subsequently in 1935, he set up the first fireworks factory in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. Sivakasi is now the hub of fireworks and safety matches in India contributing 95% of the Rs.6000 crore fireworks industry.

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At Ayyan, we take great pride in our infrastructural facility. Our full-fledged facility comprises of 10 manufacturing units and 3 supporting units that are located in and around Sivakasi.

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In the year 1987 Ayyan started with its first manufacturing unit
The second manufacturing unit was in place
Launched Ganesh Crackers popularly known as Lakshmi Vedi
Setup the third manufacturing unit
Launched Manoranjan & Jadughar Fountain. These are silky smooth fountains with phenominal effects
Got the fifth manufacturing unit
Sixth manufacturing unit established
Got the seventh manufacturing unit
Setup the eigth manufacturing unit
Ninth manufacturing unit established
Launched Tinto Wheel (half red & half green), Double Mystica (quarter inch fountain filled with colors)
Launched Rio Wheel (orange & violet)

History of Ayyan Fireworks

Mr. Ayyan Nadar’s life was a scintillating saga of vision, vim and dynamism. Initially, he started producing safety matches.

Late Sri. Ayyan Nadar travelled to Kolkata to learn art of safety matches. In the year 1923 he set up the first handmade safety matches factory named National Matches in Sivakasi. Later in 1924 National Matches produced Bengal lights, a type of color match.

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Our team

At Ayyan, our employees are our biggest asset. Our team has young as well as senior employees. We employ more than 2000 workers at our manufacturing facility on a permanent basis.

We also employ 300 workers in the pre-manufacturing process at our own sites. Our team comprises of qualified pyro-technicians, quality control inspectors, experienced chemists and research and development personnel. To ensure a smooth manufacturing process, we have divided our production facility into various teams.

Quality & Safety

Quality and Innovation runs in our DNA.
For us, quality means product performance, safety & consistency

Our products carry a stamp of uniqueness that enhances the celebration of every special moment. In terms of performance, our chakkars spin longer, flower pots rise higher with uniform drops and the crackling sound is crisper.

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The Ayyan group started an educational institution: The Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College, established in the year 1963.

The college was accredited with the highest grade FIVE STARS by the National assessment and accreditation council (NAAC) in 1999 and obtained the prestigious ‘College with Potential for excellence’ (CPE) status in 2004